Brandon Thomas is a triple major undergrad at Southern Polytechnic State University in the Computer Science, Biology, and Chemistry programs. Brandon loves science, uses Linux and vim, and programs primarily in Python, Javascript, and C++. Computing interests include machine learning and computer graphics. After graduation Brandon intends to study computational metabolomics or possibly found a startup company.


Laser R&D 2012–2013
Projecting colorful radiation in the shape of objects. My laser projector is driven by code I wrote in both Python and C++. Video games on the side of 5-story buildings? Yes, please.
A C++ robot controller daemon that takes instructions over a ZeroMQ socket. Clients have been written for joystick, keyboard, and computer vision/AI control.
Parses Markdown files into presentation slides. Markdown makes writing and editing simple. Includes a timer and transition effects.
Displays a wall of webcams or security cameras. Beware of memory leaks; page auto-refresh to purge memory needs to be implemented.
Designed to replace proprietary paywall software published by expensive textbook companies. Work in progress.
A copyleft videogame strategy guide wiki.



Discusses a paper on building a Boolean network representing the T-Cell signaling pathways downstream of the TCR.
Computational tools for optimizing analytical chemistry techniques for exploration of the metabolome.
Presentation on Hantavirus molecular biology and pathology.
My 60-minute presentation on the physiology of Alzheimer's disease with respect to the Amyloid-β and Tau hypothesis.


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The background animation was constructed from a trimmed portion of the PDB structure 2KE6, “SOLUTION STRUCTURE OF K10 TLS”. It represents an engineered RNA hairpin in Drosophila.

Some of the icons used in this page have been taken from Wikipedia. The background is from The fonts are Ubuntu, Nuropol X, and Quantum Round.

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